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The Professional Mediator’s Association (PMA) – The PMA is a not-for-profit professional organisation representing consumer, business, employment and workplace mediators; mediation organisations; and in-house mediation schemes. It offers a voice for professional mediators working across the UK and beyond and aims to raise awareness of mediation and to promote excellence in all aspects of business, workplace, employment and consumer mediation. Its web site explains the process of Mediation. It publishes news and articles about Mediation and runs regular events, activities and forums and provides accreditation for independent professional mediators, mediation companies and mediation training providers and internal workplace mediation schemes.

The Centre For Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR)  – The Centre is an independent, non-profit organisation which offers leading mediation, consultancy, and training services. It is the largest independent alternative dispute resolution body in Europe, and has access to over 5000 mediators and neutrals worldwide. It also owns Independent Dispute Resolution Services  (IDRSLtd.) which administers a range of schemes for the resolution of consumer complaints, as well as handling commercial disputes.

City Disputes Panel (CDP) – The Panel was founded in 1994 with the support of the Bank of England, the City of London Corporation, the CBI, the Financial Services Authority and Lloyd’s of London. It creates and supplies bespoke conflict management and dispute resolution solutions for Insurance and Reinsurance matters, Insolvency situations, Commercial property issues, Market regulatory and supervisory bodies, Relationship issues with key executives and Multiple & Group claims and class actions.

The College Of Mediators – The College is a membership body for mediators practicing in all areas of mediation; family, workplace, community, intergenerational, commercial and restorative practice. It is  independent and sets recognised standards for mediators and mediation training providers. It works to promote best practice and to protect the public. Members complete College approved training courses and work to standards that are laid down by the College. It organises conferences, produces documents and guidelines to support mediators in their practice, publishes a newsletter and a journal and helps members of the public find a mediator.

The Civil Mediation Council – The Council’s aims are to inspire all sectors of society to use mediation when managing and resolving disputes. Membership is open to individual mediators and to mediation provider organisations practicing in England and Wales. Their interests are represented to major players in the industry including the UK Government and other governmental bodies.

The Chartered Institute Of Arbitrators – The Institute is a not- for- profit UK registered charity working in the public interest through an international network of branches. It has a global membership of over 10000 individuals who have professional training or experience in alternative dispute resolution. It exists for the global promotion, facilitation and development of all forms of private dispute resolution to maximise the contribution that dispute resolution practitioners make. It provides education and training including a calender of Continuous Professional Development events, tools, support, advice and networking.

The Academy of Experts – The Academy provides accreditation of Expert Witnesses and a comprehensive range of training to enable members and others to develop their expert skills. It is also a training and accreditation body for ADR neutrals, including Mediators, Conciliators and Expert Determiners. The majority of its officers  are practicing Experts. The web site provide a free online search facility to find accredited Expert Witnesses and Mediators. Its resources includes information about Experts and it provides links to Civil Procedure Rules, Criminal Procedure Rules, Family Procedure Rules and the Bar Council.

Centre For Justice (CFJ)– The Centre is an independent not-for-profit organisation. Its aim is to provide  individuals, businesses and the public sector with a way to resolve legal disputes quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently without the need to go to court. The arbitrator will be an experienced lawyer and a specialist in the area of the dispute. For individuals the Centre deals with family, property, employment, business, contract, banking and finance, insurance, building disputes and inheritance problems.  Its business case work includes contract/commercial, property and construction, employment, energy, intellectual property, financial services, insurance and consumer issues cases. Resolving a dispute in this way can cost on average 10% or less of the cost of going to court and should take alot less time. Its public sector case work includes social care, property, employment, contract and procurement and judicial review cases.

Standing Conference Of Mediation Advocates – This is a multi disciplinary cross-professional trade association comprising of nearly 250 member firms of solicitors, sets of barristers’ chambers and individual legal, surveyor and construction professionals who represent parties in civil/commercial mediation within the common law jurisdiction of England and Wales and internationally in cross-border disputes. It was  established to promote and deliver best practice and professional excellence in mediation advocacy through individual and corporate training and commercial activities. It delivers workshops and seminars in commercial mediation practice, advocacy skills and tactics, the psychology of negotiation, and practical negotiation techniques, and provides in-house tailored training to companies, firms and chambers for defined mediation and conciliation schemes. It promotes mediation awareness among the judiciary, legal fraternity, commercial users, and the general public.

Adjudication Society – This is a not-for-profit Society promoting resolution of construction disputes by means of adjudication. It was formed so that the construction industry might benefit from the body of experience and case law associated with the introduction of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, the growth in adjudication by means of Expert Determination and Dispute Boards and the increasing popularity of the New Engineering Contract. The Society’s purpose is to encourage and develop adjudication as a method of resolving construction disputes and to provide a regular and informal forum at which adjudication problems and practices may be discussed. It holds meetings, seminars, talks, dinners and conferences and publishes articles, papers, guidance notes, newsletters and details of the latest relevant legal cases.

Trust Mediation – This is a not-for-profit company dedicated to resolving difficult person injury disputes. It offers a free assessment of a case to assess its suitability for mediation and advice as to how to get agreement on choosing mediation as the method of resolution.

Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors – The Society’s Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) is the world’s largest provider of alternative dispute resolution services to the property and construction industries, appointing around 10000 dispute resolvers per year. A helpline is available for any party who is not professionally represented. The telephone number is +44(0)20 7334 3806 and the caller may be eligible for up to half an hour of free advice from a chartered surveyor. The Service also provides access to a panel of highly experienced expert witnesses and has developed a mediation training and assessment programme in order to qualify as a RICS Accredited Mediator.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services – The agency supplies mediators and arbitrators for any type of dispute ranging from neighbours’  boundary disagreements to commercial contract disputes. It also sources venues and offers guidance on the procedure for successful dispute resolution.

Independent Mediators – A group of leading, full time commercial mediators consisting exclusively of Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500 listed top mediators.

Forum For International Conciliation and Arbitration – This is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation which offers experienced dispute resolvers who practice in various jurisdictions around the world.