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COMPETITION APPEAL TRIBUNAL (CAT) – hears appeals against competition law decisions of the Office of Fair Trading, sector regulators and the Competition commission. Its web site displays a list of all past and present cases before the Tribunal as well as the Tribunal’s judgments, transcripts, orders and notices. It also displays The Competition Appeal Tribunal Rules 2003 and 2004, and the Guide to Proceedings which explains how cases are conducted. It details how to bring a case before the Tribunal.

FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY (FSA) – The Authority is an independent non-governmental body, given statutory powers by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 to regulate the financial services industry in the UK. It is a company limited by guarantee and financed by the financial services industry. Its statutory objectives are to maintain confidence in the UK financial system, to contribute to the protection and enhancement of stability of the UK financial system, to secure the appropriate degree of protection for consumers and to reduce the extent to which it is  possible for a regulated business to be used for a purpose connected with financial crime.

LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE – The Exchange is at the heart of the global financial market and is home to some of the largest, most successful and dynamic companies in the world with around 3000 companies from over 70 countries admitted to trading on its markets. It comprises Capital Markets, Trading Services, Information Services, Derivatives and Covered Warrants.

OFCOM – Ofcom is the communications regulator, regulating the TV and radio sectors, fixed line telelcoms, mobiles, postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate.It makes sure that people is the UK get the best from their communications services and are protected from scams and sharp practices, while ensuring that competition can thrive. It operates under the Communications Act 2003 which states that its duties should be to further the interests of citizens and of consumers. It is accountable to Parliament  and is involved in advising and setting some of the more technical aspects of regulation, implementing and enforcing the law. It ensures that people who watch television and listen to the radio are protected from harmful or offensive material, and that people are protected from being treated unfairly in television and radio programmes, and from having their privacy invaded. The website details the procedure of how to complain about communication services.

THE PANEL ON TAKEOVERS AND MERGERS (THE PANEL) – This independent body administers the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers and supervises and regulates takeovers and other matters to which the Code applies. Its central objectives is to ensure fair treatment for all shareholders in takeover bids.

GLOBAL FORUM FOR COMPETITION AND TRADE POLICY – This consists of a group of experts representing the key interests of economists, lawyers, academics, practitioners and national and international policy-makers who are committed to expanding the global discussion of the ramifications of competition policy for global trade and investment. Through joint meetings with organisations including the OECD, World Bank, the European Union, UNCTAD, APEC, and ADB, the Forum aims to provide a direction for change, and to act to reduce the friction of different national legal systems in order to establish a model world-wide competition process, which minimises distortions to business decisions, and protects competition.

JORDANS – This is a provider of UK and international corporate services, property and business information services. It is structured as 3 separate companies . Jordans Limited serves the corporate and professional community with UK corporate services, property services and business information. Jordans Trust Company Limited provides corporate services to international clients. Jordan publishing is the UK’s leading independent legal publisher and training provider. It provides advice about company formations, company secretarial and legal services, tax planning, company administration, company searches, monitoring of market data,conveyancing searches and Energy Performance Certificates etc.

THE LEGAL 500 SERIES – This provides the most comprehensive worldwide coverage of legal services providers in over 100 countries.

PRACTICAL LAW COMPANY  (PLC) – The Company provides legal know-how, transactional analysis and market intelligence for lawyers. This includes emails detailing legal developments. a comprehensive bank of practice notes, standard documents, letters and drafting notes, flowcharts and checklists and a question and answer facility.